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About us

Resolve Family Law is a boutique
family law practice in Vancouver,
British Coulmbia.

Resolve Family Law is a boutique family law practice owned and operated by Jennifer Rowbotham.  Jennifer believes that resolving matters outside of the court system is preferable, even in difficult and complex family law cases, and results in less stress and disruption for the parties and their children.  Jennifer only assists people who commit to keep their family law disputes outside of the court process.

Approach to Family Law

Mutual respect & consideration to minimize stress and life disruption.

Separation and divorce are difficult.  We believe an atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration during the resolution process will help to minimize the stress and life disruption that often accompanies this life change. We engage in a collaborative process rather than bringing private matters into the courtroom in an effort to save you money, decrease the emotional impact on you and your children, and decrease the length of the process in cases where both parties are motivated to do so.


Where children are involved, we believe that the focus should be on maintaining a working relationship between the parents whenever possible, and on creating a situation for the children that will bring them the least disruption with the most support. We will emphasize forward focused discussion over discussion that is focused on the past.

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