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Our Family In Two Homes Workbook Package

Our Family in Two Homes workbook is a resource for clients with children who are navigating the process of separation and divorce, and are seeking a cost-effective method and some written material to help them in the process.  Jennifer will guide you in the use of this resource and while some parts of the workbook will be completed by the client individually, Jennifer will guide you through the more challenging aspects of the workbook by providing legal information relevant to your situation, keeping your values and priorities in mind. 

The resource package includes:

  1. A workbook for each client working with Jennifer either through the collaborative law process or as a mediator; and

  2. Three (3) hours of Jennifer’s time at a flat rate (more time can be added if needed at Jennifer’s current hourly rate).

The workbook supports the following conversations:

  • Communication and conflict styles, and tips on how to communicate effectively with your spouse;

  • Reflecting on your values and how you make decisions;

  • Explains the decisions to be made about how you and your spouse will collaboratively parent and raise your children;

  • Helps you consider your attitudes and priorities towards money;

  • Describes how children are financially supported when a couple separates and has you consider all of the children’s present and future expenses;

  • Informs you about when 1 spouse is financially supported by the other and why;

  • Has you start thinking about how to divide your assets and debts with your spouse.

The first part of the workbook is for you to work through on your own, although the self-reflection will assist you and Jennifer as your lawyer/or mediator to focus on what is important to you.  The workbook helps you to prepare for the discussions you will have with Jennifer and your spouse. 

Contact Jennifer at to schedule a telephone call to discuss whether this workbook is right for you.  With the workbook and Jennifer’s guidance, you may be able to more easily reach agreements with your spouse.

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